Monday, July 05, 2004

Ok, now I've been chastised by more than just Ryan for not keeping up my blog (not that you're not important, Ryan, you just spend more time on the computer), so I'd better update.

Let's see. I've survived week one of day camp, which is basically an OCD nightmare, though out in the program areas we aren't hit so hard by it. I managed not to let that director convince me that I need to be equally OCD in directing the two I have to do, which is excellent.

Thoroughly enjoyed week two of day camp... I had told the rest of the staff that week two would be way more relaxed and really fun, and luckily they agreed (though Frog admitted that during week one, they weren't going to believe it until they saw it). Two of my friends were running that one at my favorite camp and I stayed out there overnight with them for the week, along with Beasley's 11 year old nieces. Who apparently thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread... kind of amusing, since I definitely assumed the authority to treat them like they were my own campers and the familiarity to treat them like my own nieces, but there's no telling with middle school hero-worship. They were really fun though.

Right now I'm enjoying the novelty of having five days off, though I'm definitely doing some work every day on day camp stuff for August. If the numbers for Euclid Creek would stop rising by 50% every time I turn around (granted, we're talking 44 girls instead of 30, not 120 instead of 80, but still) and stay put where we have the staff to keep ratios for them, I'd have a good draft of a unit schedule done... but they won't do that somehow (even though registration is closed...). Makes me worry about Wintergreen a little, since I haven't checked on those numbers in two weeks or more.

I've broken down and bought an electric guitar tuner (why do we call battery operated tuners electric?), and have been playing my guitar a fair amount these five days. I like it. I like playing an in-tune guitar, and having the ability to tune it accurately when not at a computer, without spending half an hour with a tuning fork.

I've also discovered a Starbucks within reasonable distance of home - right by Target and Alltell. So Sunday I spent several hours at Starbucks with the NY Times and a caramel macchiato. It was probably the most relaxed I've been since I came home.

These are the exciting events of my life. I'll try not to keep you all waiting as long for the next juicy installment.