Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ok, clearly, I have not posted a picture of my hair. This is because Kiery has not yet come over and photographed it, and I do not have a digital camera. To give you some idea... it's mostly around my shoulders, but obviously not all, since it's a shag... and when it's humid, it gets curly. Not curly like Rory's hair, more soft curly. If I use a little bit of gel when I get out of the shower, it's curlier. But even when it's not really curly, it's definitely not straight anymore at all.
(Ooh! ooh! hitting return works again!!! go me!!!)
I don't really have anything else to say. I'm mostly sitting here waiting for my bank to call me back, because they left me a message that there's a question or problem or something with a deposit I made a couple of weeks ago. This makes me nervous. I would like them to call and tell me why they called the first time. I would like it to be a fairly simple and fixable issue as well. If someone could arrange all this, that'd be fantastic.
Not really anything exciting going on... I need to start packing. Because really, by Friday I pretty much have to be packed, even though I don't leave until Sunday, because I have a lot of family stuff this weekend. I do NOT, however, have to share my room with my brother's girlfriend now, because my mother's best friend's husband is staying elsewhere this weekend. (catch all that?)
Ok. I'm going to go pack. And wait for the bank to call, so that I can do all my other errands.

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