Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Everything Test

I'd paste in the actual code for this quiz, but one of the things it rates is your level of sexual experience and your hotness rank, and while I'm willing to be open with almost anyone about much of my sexual experience, I also don't think it's an appropriate thing to display on a blog that my parents, bishop, COM, youth group, campers, etc. might read. I reserve the right to monitor that particular discussion, thanks.

I'd be interested also to know how they came to their conclusions. Mostly, I think internet quizzes do a pretty good job of assigning the labels, but this one has me somewhat off. Certain things are right on: more religious than atheist, more emotional than logical, more idealist than cynical, politically about 68% liberal, stereotypical mix of yuppie and hippie, fairly high on intellectual and religious, more artistic than engineering, little experience with chemical substances. Then there are some that could go either way: more lazy than workaholic, more rebel than traditional, more leader than follower, more concerned about self than concerned about others. But it also says that I'm 100% adventurous, and I think we know that's not true, so I'd be interested in how they came to that (specifically, how much of my adventurous score comes from the fact that I identified as bisexual?). And, it says I'm more extroverted than introverted. Yeah - I refer it to last week's 80% introvert score (not to mention my super-high Myers-Briggs I number).

My favorite box, though is the "socioeconomic" one: "Your attitude toward life best associates you with the Upper Class. You make more than 0% of those who have taken this test, and 77% less than the U.S. average." Yeah. That's got "overprivileged grad student" written all over it.


Marie said...

Okay, hysterical. I just did that 22 page thing and decided not to post it on my blog, mostly because it called me lazy. INDEED!

The Archer of the Forest said...

I though mine was fairly accurate, although I would protest being 83 percent "old geezer" and yet my "hotness ranking" was 85 percent above average test takers.