Monday, April 16, 2007

Weird Person #5, Reporting In

Ok, Ref tagged me for this a couple of days ago, but I've had trouble completing the assignment, so here it is finally:

Rules: 1) Post six weird things about yourself; 2) Tag six weird people to do the same.

1) I'm not a huge chocolate-peanut butter fan. Now, I do like Reese's cups, on occasion. But most chocolate peanut butter stuff - ice cream, easter eggs, whatever - is just way, way too sweet for me. I'm told this is really, really weird.

2) Phobias. I'm unnaturally afraid of both marsupials-resembling-ROUS's and tickling. I know admitting to that second one makes it look like you should now try tickling me to see it in person, but I promise you it will cause lasting damage to both your person and our friendship if you do.

3) I have an apparently weird memory for certain details, especially dates and spatial arrangements. I can tell you my high school boyfriend's birthday, or where in my food crates the canned ravioli is, because they just stick in my head, taking up space that could be used for other things.

(Ok, figuring out what's weird about myself is hard. I've been thinking for two days now and I'm still having trouble.)

4) Oh, I tend to cover my stomach with my hands or arms almost no matter what position I'm in. I'm told that's a little weird.

5) I actually prefer room temperature drinking water to cold drinking water. I don't like my drinks too cold. I think this may come from my time in Germany, but I'm not sure.

6) There are probably people somewhere on this planet who think it's weird that I feel compelled to post this meme. If you don't think that counts as my sixth one, you can count my phobia separately, or comment and tell me what I've missed!

I'll tag: the Archer, Emily, Marisa, Nicole(though I'm not sure she reads this), and Marie.


Marisa said...

I did it already! My 10 things, I mean. See I did four more than you so you should have to think up four more.

The young fogey said...

That you have canned ravioli reminds me of one more for me (Tripp tagged me). A bit like Mark J. living in Asian-food paradise but liking the Chinese food from the American mainland, I am picky about lots of things (which defines a young fogey) but I don't mind the stuff; in fact I like it! I may be turning grizzled but am still a kid. (I could go for some Horlick's about now.) Of course I like good stuff too like Indian food (tandoori chicken and lamb saag wala on basmati rice). There, that should earn me back a couple of coolness points.

Beth said...

Marisa, you're in luck: another friend IM'ed me more weird things about myself. So here you go:

7) I am incredibly bad at lying.
8) It's weird that with as many nerdy guys as we have around the seminary, I have a better gaming system than almost any of them.
9) I apparently have a weird amount of access to information about what's happening at the seminary, although I don't think that's weird so much as a result of my being faculty-student liason.
10) It's apparently also weird that my caffeinated beverage of choice is some version of flavored Dr. Pepper (either Berries & Cream or Cherry Vanilla).

Hmm. If you did yours already I wonder why it hasn't showed up on my RSS.

Marie said...

I'm weird because I'm flattered that you tagged me as weird. I'll have to think about the rest.

Marie said...

Okay, did it. And I have 12!!