Monday, August 13, 2007

Guess what I have?

A kitchen!

In celebration of which, I'm having dinner guests as often as possible. Tonight's menu: spaghetti with asparagus, tomato, and lemon. Next time we'll add a little more seasoning, but there will be a next time. 'Twas good.

We now return to our regularly scheduled cleaning.


Emily Williams said...

A kitchen in OH, or at Seabury?

I have a kitchen, too, and I plan to have dinner guests OFTEN this year. Hold me to it. I reeeeaaally wanted to last year, but then I worked every weekend at the Diner. Can't serve food if you can't afford food . . .

I hope this year will be better in that respect. Then you can come over and we can cook lots of veggie food!

Beth said...

At Seabury! I'm living on the block still, but in a house this year. I'll post pictures as soon as I've finished rearranging and cleaning.

But yes, we should cook together this year. I'm looking forward to having people over for dinner this year myself, though admittedly in a few weeks my roommates will come back and I'll have to clear that with them.