Monday, August 20, 2007

Um. Hi.

Ok, I have no real excuse for not blogging. I've had time for other things, like West Wing and Buffy. And dinners! Yay cooking. And setting up a Facebook account, as promised. But I'm out of the habit, and haven't had much to say. So, um, hi. I'm doing really exciting things like getting a room ready to paint and cooking and looking for things in boxes. Oh, and I have two wedding sermons to write soon. So I'm not really sure how much I'll be around at all. I'm not really in the mood, and I'm not really doing much to speak of. Maybe I'll be around more again when classes start and I have more need to procrastinate.


Emily said...

Hey, i have no real excuses either for not blogging or visiting other blogs.

Congratulations on all that stuff that happened earlier in the summer!

Baruch Grazer said...

Sounds like someone needs to get her priorities straight. I mean,

Is it your first time through the Buffy DVDs? What season? Do you think The Pack was a breakthrough episode for Season One?

Oh, and hope the weddings and whatnot are good.

Beth said...

Yes, first time through. I'm midway through season three. I don't recall The Pack as a breakthrough episode, but I'm not sure I have enough perspective as a first-time watcher to say yet.

Wedding one was great; wedding two... we'll see!