Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Waaah! I don't know what I just hit, but it made my entry go away. Boo.

In any case, it is now a Wednesday night at 7:34 pm (it was 7:30 in the last entry), and despite having two meetings this afternoon, the service booklets have been copied and stuffed, my guitar has been tuned (properly, even), and I have been fed by Rory. Ok, I have fed myself with yummy pasta cooked by Rory. Though I do prefer less red pepper in my spaghetti sauce. At least I think that's what I would have preferred. Also, I am about to fix and print the prayer list, if I can get through this entry this time.
I tell you this, not because you care, but because I believe this to be the only time this semester (possibly this year) that I have been so prepared on a Wednesday night, and it is not likely to happen again. I know this because there is only one more Wednesday night service, and I am preaching at it, thereby eliminating all chance for me to be this prepared by 7:30. Though I do already have next week's priest lined up, and that joy has not happened since about February.
While we're on the topic, if you have any creative ideas about what I should say in my sermon or what texts I should use, please leave me a comment (which, while having previously disappeared, have joyously reappeared) to that effect.

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