Saturday, June 11, 2005

more tag

Susie tagged me for this - like Susie and Jane, I reserve the right to change my mind at will. I'm too tired today to bother tagging others - tag yourselves.

Six favorite songs - I'm limiting this to one per artist:
The Wood Song - Indigo Girls
Radical - Catie Curtis
February - Dar Williams
In the Beginning - Children of Eden
For the Love of It All - Peter, Paul, & Mary
Lord of all hopefulness - Hymnal #482


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous! You are never too tired to change your mind and I'll bet you know at least three reasons why! Hope your having fun this summer! -cdr

Raisin said...

Hey, Mr. Anonymous, We all can identify 3 reasons why your post gives away your true identity! Hope you're doing well, too.

Jane Ellen+ said...

#482 - Also a contender for my favorite hymn! Maybe that'll be on the list tomorrow...