Saturday, June 25, 2005

nomads and saints

So when I put "nomad extraordinaire" in my orientation committee bio, this wasn't really what I meant.

As you've probably noted, I've been house-sitting all week. Yesterday, my house-sitting gig ended, so I packed my gear back up and moved it back over to my room.

While I've been house-sitting, however, a boys and girls choir from Bryn Mawr has taken over the dorm rooms while they're in town for some concerts, finishing Sunday night. I suspected, from a couple of brief glances in the open door, that the kids staying across the hall in the other half of my suite were boys. I suspected also that this might make it awkward when I moved back in.

Last night, I opened my bathroom door, and any doubts I had disappeared. There were towels on the floor, dirt all over the sink, my q-tips scattered about.... These were definitely boys, teenage boys from the looks of it. I tried for a moment to imagine taking a shower the next morning in a bathroom which 2-4 teenage boys were likely to access at will. Then I stopped trying to imagine anything so horrible and started imagining other solutions, ones that didn't involve flagrant boundary issues.

So now my backpack and I are camping out at Susie and Luke's apartment, watching them pack up their belongings. Monday, all of us will head out of here, and I will go back home and give my bathroom a good and thorough cleaning.

In the meantime, Susie and Luke are very generous friends, to take on a houseguest the weekend before they, um, banana.


Raisin said...

before they....BANANA? Huh???

Beth said...

Susie and Micah decided a couple of weeks ago that no one's moving - they're banana-ing. Monday a banana truck will come and pick up boxes of bananas so that Susie and Luke can banana.

Raisin said...

Ah! That's much more a-peeling.