Saturday, March 25, 2006


On May 1, I am scheduled to turn in the following:

12-15 page Galatians exegesis
Annotated ordo for mock baptism
1 page Matthew reflection
Brief Cultural Spaces reflection
5-7 page Ruth/Esther paper

Therefore, I am RSVPing my regrets now for any and all non-required activities that might occur April 29-30. I'll be frantic occupied those days.


Jane Ellen+ said...

You know, there are some things I do not miss about seminary...

Susie said...

AMEN, sister!

Of course... youth communion class, newcomers liturgy, Holy Week planning (didn't we have a whole committee for Vigil planning in seminary?)... just different time constraints I guess :)

Beth said...

Yeah, Holy Week was much more work in the campus ministry than it is for me at seminary...