Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Wippell has sent me an alb! A pretty one! In exactly my size! With a girdle that doesn't drag on the floor!

Now, before some killjoy decides to point it out, I am in fact aware that this bears a strong relation to the fact that I custom-ordered it and they took my measurements. But I've given people measurements before and still had things come looking like they expect me to give birth soon or to have joined the WNBA while they weren't looking.

Besides, expected or not - I now have my very own alb, in time to press/steam and wear it to preach in chapel tomorrow night (assuming I can find a closing line for the sermon itself by then). Yay alb!


Tripp said...

This is great news! Now you can guest preach at Reconciler! ;-)

Emily said...

Albs are a wonderful thing.

Well-fitting albs from Wippell--even better.

(Sadly, you probably can't use "and don't you like my new alb?" as a sermon closing line.)

Beth said...

Tripp: Reconciler requires albs?

Emily: No, though as I was looking for a closing line tonight Raisin suggested "Yay alb!"

Tripp said...

Redconciler requires nothing but we all vest...It's nice that way.