Monday, May 29, 2006


I've been plugging right along on my Matthew paper, and was feeling encouraged that this was really going to happen in the time remaining before the due date without too much blood and tears. But now I'm stuck. Stuck, stuck, stuck. I'm about a quarter of the way down page 12 of what I think will be 17 pages, and I'm stuck. I've got an outline that tells me what I'm supposed to talk about, but suddenly none of it makes sense to me anymore. I have nothing to say. Where did all my thoughts go??? When I left at 5:30, I was totally into the paper. Now, nothing. Grr.


revabi said...

Beth it was all the heat.
IT happens. Hang in there. Hope you get back to what you were thinking. I am not sure papers are suppose to make sense.

chickpastor said...

I suggest beer? that's what got me through my sem days. Kidding, of course. Um, sort of.

or a walk might help? hope it clears up for you soon.

Dawgdays said...

Well, heck, y'all must be done by now.

And where is it that you get to live in A/C?