Saturday, July 08, 2006

Amazing what being home can do to a girl...

I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching A Philadelphia Story and buffing my nails. I've never in my life buffed my nails before, but I've been reading my childhood novels lately, from a time and place where nail polish wasn't yet socially acceptable, and I've been inspired to buff my nails. It's astounding, really, what a difference mere buffing makes. I may not even get around to paint them at all, they're so pretty just filed and buffed.


Tripp Hudgins said...


Reverend Ref + said...

Yeah .... what the Baptist said.

On another topic ... I received a postcard from SWTS saying that you prayed for me during the Prayers of the People .... ON MAY 23RD!!!!

I was wondering if the USPS really took a month and a half to deliver it, or if it sat on the good Dean's desk waiting for a signature. ;-)

Anyway, those are always nice to get. Thanks.

Beth said...

My guess is that it sat in the sacristy until after commencement, then on the good dean's desk for a while. But fun that you got the 23rd - that was a fun service. It was Seabury's feast of Mary Magdalene and a well-executed high church service with really great music, including choir. (Yes, I am the kind of person who remembers six weeks later that May 23rd was a major service.) Plus, your name always gets read correctly. (The day we prayed for Tripp, M.E. (Margot) Eccles was intercessing, and leaned over and asked me "Do I really have to pray for George?")

Tripp Hudgins said...

Praying for George is long as someone like ME corrects it on thf fly.