Friday, July 21, 2006

Spud! camp! yay!

YAY!!! I just got off the phone, and the universe seems to like me today. After 30 minutes on two different phone calls, it works out that:

~I'm supposed to be at day camp on Tues on a day off.
~Core Camp needs someone tomorrow.
~I'm off tomorrow.
~Parishioner died today, which was expected. (93 years old, had major stroke on Sunday.)
~The funeral is not until Monday.
~Our on-call/supply/future part-time priest and parish administrator are doing all the prep work, which is minimal.

Ergo: I still get to do both camp gigs, without interfering in the slightest with my pastoral responsibilities. YAY!!!! I'm going to my camps! Both of them! Soon!

Also, on my way out to core camp tonight, I'm stopping to have dinner with a camp friend and meet her daughter, who she adopted right after I started seminary.


Baruch Grazer said...

My boy is visiting grandparents in the town where I was a day camp site director. As it happens, he's been day-hiking with his mom on my favorite old site. He called me up and asked me if I remember the spot "where there's no bridge across the creek." And yes, I do, very well: memories of watching a few dozen grade-school kids splashing in the ford, while I held eyeglasses, snacks and ritalin in my various pockets and watched ducking heads resurface and counted different-colored dragonflies. And hey, there's where young David was brave about the Yellow-jackets. And hey...

Michelle said...

cool deal. Got a ? for ya: missing a pair of plastic sunglasses (since May?)

Beth said...

Nope, I have my sunglasses. Sorry!