Friday, October 20, 2006

Citing my sources

Fellow GOE-takers who hadn't seen the previous info yet: It comes from an email I got from the General Board of Examining Chaplains announcing the fact of my registration. I assume I got this email before you because a) my diocese is faster and nicer than yours (probably true either way) or b) my diocese put my email on the registration and yours didn't giv yours out (also possible). I have faith that you too will receive this information in (over)due time.

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Mark J. said...

My senior year everyone kept talking about paperwork they'd received (that was the dark ages, all of three years ago, and they didn't use e-mail yet), and I kept wondering when mine would come. I waited, and waited, and waited...

Finally someone said, "Did your bishop sign you up?"

"Bishop... I dunno. I assume he would, he made me a candidate, knows I'm here... Lemme ask."

Nope. He hadn't. We missed the deadline, but they were still willing to take me on after a little polite inquiry.

So if you don't have your stuff, you might call your bishop just to be safe!