Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Five: Comforts

It's a good day for this one.

Comfort beverage: Hot. If I'm home, usually tea. If I'm out, usually coffee/latte. Hot cider (no caramel!) is very good when it's in season.

Comfort chair: Usually not so much a chair as a couch. Up here I like my green loveseat with my throw blanket to curl up in.

Comfort read: Little Women. Occasionally a Madeleine L'Engle novel for a change, but mostly Little Women.

Comfort television/DVD/music: TV: West Wing. DVD: Kissing Jessica Stein. Music: I keep a sad songs playlist for just such occasions - mostly composed of Indigo Girls, Dar Williams, etc.

Comfort companion(s): I have no lovers or pets (ok, I have a fish, but that hardly counts here). I guess my comfort companions would be certain friends who know me well and who don't mind when I need to be silent and/or sad for a while. Or, in a pinch, my Care Bears.

Interesting that comfort food is not listed.


Tripp Hudgins said...

I have never read little women.

Beth said...

That's both typically male and very sad for you.

(And no, for you other men who haven't read it, it doesn't count if your wives, sisters, daughters have read it.)

Baruch Grazer said...

Based on reliable reader reviews like this one, Little Women has a persistent place on my must-read list, I note guiltily.

Really liked Kissing Jessica Stein.

Dawgdays said...

Comfort food: all those things I can't eat anymore. :(