Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Or not

So, I was thinking about GOEs, and I got to thinking about how odd it was that only I seemed to have the letter to candidates yet. Also that the exam schedule for this year was a LOT like last year's. Exactly alike, in fact. So, I looked at a calendar, and realized that the dates listed don't occur this year. There's no Tuesday, Jan. 3 at all. Apparently "Letter to Candidates" meant "for last year" not "for this year" - but in my initial process of finding my way around the site, I read only the parts that looked important - things like titles and charts. I neglected the fine print that included a year. This obviously clears up a lot about why only I had the schedule, though nothing at all about why only I among my colleagues here have access to the website. I apologize for the ruckus, and will try in future to slow down and use my brain earlier in the process. (Though, I do think it would be helpful if the website made these things a little more obvious.) Sorry!


Ryan said...

Completely off subject, but ---

Last night while watching Game 3 of the World Series, I had a dreadful thought. With the Cardinals being in the series this year, it probably means you've tuned in. Pray, especially since your team is in it, pray tell me that you didn't knit this year???


Anonymous said...

Kairos, and not Chronos?

That time of the year is coming, isn't it. Blessings to you and to your colleagues who take it. Post those dates, with prayer requests. Many of us will, I believe, want to pray with you through it.

Beth said...

Ryan: I don't really follow the Cardinals - I just lived there for a year, and I'm really an AL girl. Between that and an unusually busy week or so, I actually haven't tuned in at all. They're just not teams that interest me much, though I prefer that the Cards win.

Marshall: When I get a real, true letter to candidates with dates that look like they won't change on us, I'll post them. Thanks!