Monday, January 01, 2007

Soon, soon

It's come to my attention that not only does this blog still have readers, said readers actually prefer that I post. I apologize for my silence of late, and I will aim to fill these windows more often in the coming weeks, as I start my full-time field education here. For the next week, though, I'm likely to continue in absentee mode, because I'll be busy taking the General Ordination Exams. (Church-geeky readers who want to see the exam schedule may go here.) Prayers and good-wishes for all those taking the exam around the country are welcome. After exams are over, though, I'll try to do better about posting.

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Merely Human said...

Yay! Thought I'd make a brief post so you can find your way over to my blog, if you choose, after GOEs of course. All the best finishing up!