Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ok, for real this time

The schedule for THIS year's General Ordination Exams is now in fact here:

Tuesday, Jan 2: Morning: Liturgy and Church Music: Limited Resources (Book of Common
Prayer, Enriching our Worship, approved hymnals (yes, all of them))
Afternoon: Church History: Open Book

Wednesday, Jan 3: Morning: Theology: Limited Resources (Bible, BCP)
Afternoon: Contemporary Society: Limited Resources (Bible, BCP)

Thursday, Jan 4: Break

Friday, Jan 5: Morning: Theory and Practice of Ministry: Closed Book
Afternoon: Ethics and Moral Theology: Open Book

Saturday, Jan 6: Morning: Holy Scripture: Open Book

Saturday, Jan 6, 12:30 pm: Rejoice! Rejoice!

There are a couple of things I like about this schedule. One, church history is in a good place for me. It's not the first exam, so I have one to get used to the process, but it's early, so I can get it over with quickly. Two, there's no all-day question. I like that. Three, Scripture is last, and that's an area where theoretically I should be ok as long as I'm not stupid about it. Four, the subjects in which I don't write as well are paired with subjects in which I do write well.

New this year: They're going to be emailing us the GOE questions instead of having us pick them up. On the one hand, that's a quick and easy thing and very logical; on the other hand, I know that at Seabury the wireless is very unpredictable, and I can see this causing a lot of stress for those of my classmates who can't get online as easily as I can. Apparently the administrator will have hard copies in case they're needed, but I'm not totally thrilled about being the test group for a new electronic process. We still hand in the answers in person, though, so at least there won't be stress around trying to upload or attach answers.


Dawgdays said...

I thought it strange that there was a question on Saturday, until I remembered what day Monday will be.


Ryan said...

Good luck, God bless you, and know that in the grand scheme of things, GOE scores don't matter one hill'a'beans after they're over.


will smama said...

In the unhelpful category: Phew! Am I ever glad I am done with those things.

In the helpful category: wrote on my calendar to pray for you that week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the dates. You and your colleagues throughout the Church will be in my prayers.

Ryan, I was considered deficient in three areas of GOE's. Having dealt with the remediation (in my case, not horrible), I wouldn't say the scores didn't matter. On the other hand, having dealt with the remediation and developed a career that's been blessed a lot, I would agree that they're not worth trembling over.