Friday, November 24, 2006

Nothing's quite the same...

In the last week, I've noticed a significant number of people in their pajamas wandering around Evanston. More, in fact, than I've seen in the last two years total. I'm sure this is linked to the opening of Cerealocity, or whatever its name is - the new cereal bar in town, where employees wear pajamas to work and customers eat cereal at all hours. My question is, am I just noticing more pajama-clad pedestrians because I'm aware they might be there, or are there actually more around?


Jorge Sanchez said...

I think it's an ongoing trend amongst university/college-age students. Why just wear sweats when you could just stay in your pajamas?

Although I can't discount that since you're aware that people might be walking around in their pajamas, you're actually noticing it.

When I got glasses when I was 9, I realized almost everybody seemed to be wearing glasses: true or simply the perception of a fourth-grader?

Nice 'blog; found it via Tripp,

jeffrey said...

now I miss Evanston.