Monday, February 26, 2007

I changed!

I was skimming old quizzes on here for a friend, and found the old Which Devastating Hope Crew Member Are You? quiz. So, since I'm still not on the crew, I thought I'd take it again, and see if I were still First Mate Emily. As it turns out, I'm not:

Which Devastating Hope crew member are you?

Bartender Greta: You are extremely mysterious, but you make a damn fine martini. You fight secretly for your deeply held convictions, and when your duties do not take you elsewhere, you love joining your friends on their crazy adventures.
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Which is very interesting.

Also, since I lost my old comments when I switched services last year, you should all go take this quiz, even if you already did, and then leave a comment with your result, because I remember being very amused by knowing which of my St. Louis friends other people were. Ta!


Mark J. said...

What is "Devastating Hope" please?

Beth said...

Devastating Hope is a fictional spaceship created by two friends of mine in St. Louis, on which several friends of mine are fictional crew members. I'm not crew because I don't live in St. Louis; I'm a hermit monk whom they visit every so often on my moon to pick up the icons and illuminations I do.

Yeah, I know.