Sunday, June 13, 2004

So my friend Beasley called me tonight. (that's her camp name, not her real name). Seems that not only is our boss leaving in a few weeks (I found this out yesterday, she heard through the grapevine tonight), but day camp is in chaos. Go figure! I love Joan, but you really shouldn't put a woman who can't organize one day camp well in charge of organizing all of them. Anyway... Beasley heard from Charlotte, who's day camp coordinator, that I was directing the last three sessions of day camp (the ones that she and Charlotte aren't directing). I hope this is false, because that's the first I've heard of it... though part of me hopes it's true, because then Beasley will help and the two of us will do three fantastic day camps.

You'd think people would tell us things like who's working our camps and when they are and where they are - and oh, if we've been assigned to direct them - but no. No. Not with the Girl Scouts of Lake Erie Council.

I love my job.

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