Thursday, June 03, 2004

Yes, Marisa, I am now home.

I was supposed to work today and tomorrow all day, but joan, my boss, is sick and so we've been canceled. Or cancelled, whichever you prefer. At least I think tomorrow is cancel(l)ed as well. I suspect this is related to joan's decision to recover from pneumonia at work a few weeks ago. I do teach a canoeing session tomorrow night regardless, and it looks like I'll probably be teaching 16 girls alone. This makes me nervous, since I haven't canoed or taught canoeing since last August, and I can't supervise that many girls on the water at once without another instructor there anyway. At least I don't think I can. These are the things I have to re-remember each summer.

In any case, while I'm home now, the temptation to turn around and head back to St Louis is very great. I actually recited to myself why it would be a bad idea on Tuesday night lying in bed, because at that point my stuff was all still packed and could easily have been returned to my car.

I won't actually try to move back to St Louis this summer, but I do miss everyone.

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