Friday, October 29, 2004

To talk or not to talk?

So I forgot when I typed my last post that I had given the camp staff my blog address. Sorry about that.

Today's pondering: I can't decide whether I talk too much, enough, or too little in class. Generally I feel like I talk a lot, probably too much, so I try to keep my mouth shut and listen to other people, but a couple of comments from classmates recently have made me wonder. I also feel like most of the time the things I do end up saying should really just have stayed in my head. If any of you have any opinions on this, feel free to share, even though I don't think anyone reads this who has had a class with me in the last - oh, five years at least. (If there are any Seabury lurkers who have discovered my blog, speak up!)

And Rory, I love you too.

edited to say: dude! my blog looks normal again! (now if I could only remember/figure out how to change the post title color so it doesn't look like puke...)

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