Thursday, October 28, 2004

What just happened?

I still haven't absorbed that the Red Sox have actually won the World Series. It sounds really fantastically great, but I haven't realized yet that it's true, I don't think. Exciting nonetheless. (must remember not to watch baseball tonight...)

In other great things happening in my life: my Genesis 22 paper is done. Not the best paper I've ever written (and not just because of the World Series), but it's done, and done is better than good. Especially when it means I can stop thinking about Genesis 22, something I'm not fond of doing. You know, child sacrifice and all.

Also, I've discovered recently that an iBook doesn't cost nearly as much as I thought it did. This is both marvelous and dangerous news, considering that I really, really want a Mac. I'm still working out the justification for buying a new computer, even knowing now that I could actually afford it now, when my other one is only three+ years old, and while it's not a Mac, and doesn't love me, it does let me write papers and play music on it. Being surrounded by Mac-users, I have more help than is probably good for me in trying to justify this. Having posted this here, I'm sure Rory will jump in to help soon as well.

As an update to my accelerated pondering from the last post, I'm thinking I'm likely to end up here in Chicago next summer. Not entirely sure about that... definitely haven't told my parents I'm not coming home. I don't think they'll mind. The camp staff will be harder to tell - plus giving up living under my parents' roof is a lot easier than giving up camp.

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