Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good to know

In high school, I had mad skills at getting up and out the door quickly. I wasn't sure I still possessed such skills, but this morning, I learned that I do. I woke up to five bells ringing, leaped out of bed and got dressed, and walked into chapel as the cantors were singing the first antiphon of the Venite. (For those who aren't from Seabury, that's about six minutes.) As far as I know, my general appearance did not betray me. I'm kind of impressed with myself. Still, I think tomorrow I'll set the alarm.


Emily said...

Ah, the Seabury commute.

I miss it. Especially when I oversleep (like this morning). Must have been Episcopal biorhythms.

Being Shielded said...

I wish my commute was that short! I've got at least 45 minutes down the mountain with traffic.

I'm confused, too. I said the Jubilate this morning. What can be switched around and what can't?

Beth said...

In Morning Prayer, you have a choice each day whether to say the Venite or the Jubilate. At Seabury, we usually go either every other day or every other week, whatever is printed in the ordo for that day. I kind of think we've been mostly doing the Jubilate this week, but Thursday morning is Matins, and sometimes Matins is different because it's sung.

Reverend Ref + said...

Hmmm .... Heather never bothered with showing up; she just used the bells as her alarm clock.