Saturday, September 09, 2006


I am, of course, watching the Ohio State - Texas game right now. That's not amazing. What's amazing is that I'm watching it in MY OWN SUITE. Yes - I broke down about 6:30 and went to Target to buy the best TV antenna they could sell me. Granted, when my parents' reception looks like this, they call the TV guys to have it fixed, but for my brick penthouse, a little snow ain't bad. I can sit on my own couch and eat guacamole and drink wine in my own space, and even blog in front of the game, because I have channels now!


Mark J. said...

I had a super-duper amplified antenna from day one in the dorm, and still barely got the major networks. Until one day when I was desparate to follow the news on several stations (in fact, it was 9/11/2001). I tried moving the antenna over to the window, and suddenly I had channels!

So yeah, I know the feeling.

For being positioned just north of a major metropolitan center, our seminary sure got lousy reception.

Susie said...

Yeah... it was a little better facing south, but ABC never came that well

Mark J. said...

Yeah. And when you got me hooked on Alias, that caused trouble!