Friday, September 01, 2006

Reason #13, 497 Why I Am Not Cut Out For A Rector

I love preaching (yeah, I know), but sermon writing/prep makes me absolutely batty and desperate. Ok, let me qualify that. Trying to craft sermons longer than about six minutes makes me absolutely batty and desperate. Crafting 3-7 minute sermons is still kind of fun, even a couple of weeks in a row. Still, I'm glad to be looking in a direction that's less likely to include someone expecting me to preach 10-15 minutes every week for thirty years running.


Raisin said...

So Keith has you preaching EVERY Sunday?!

Beth said...

Noooo, no, no, no. Keith had me preaching about every three, but last Sunday was my last day there, and this Sunday I'm preaching at my home parish.

Emily said...

Good news: my congregation likes short sermons.

More good news: via John Dally in preaching class: "you don't have to prepare a feast every week, just a nutritious meal."

Even those of us who are called to be in charge of congregations (and who like preaching) despair at the weekly preaching task. It comes and it goes! Sometimes you're on fire, sometimes you're not.

Even more good news: when you change congregations, they haven't heard your old stories yet. That's not an excuse for lazy prep, but some weeks are tougher than others, and sometimes it's just pulling a rabbit out of a hat, no matter what your intentions are.

(gotta go find me that rabbit)

Dawgdays said...

Heck, for midweek services, you probably need just a snack.