Monday, September 18, 2006

If you must

I can hear murmurs across the hall. I want to poke my head in over there (a surprisingly easy thing right now, since their suite door doesn't close, but we'll work on that) and say "No, you silly things, go back to bed! Sleep while you can!" I understand that even if they're not morning people (which they may be), it's the first morning of orientation and they both want showers and probably breakfast before morning prayer. I'm sure I wanted the same two years ago. But I personally would rather not have been up before 7, and therefore feel as though they ought to sleep as late as possible.

I'm going to make either a terrible or an excellent mother someday (I hope). At any rate, I do have to be up now, because I am a Mighty Tri-Chair and must ensure that the newbies have breakfast to eat. So off I go.


Tripp Hudgins said...

Fare thee well, O Sleepyheaded Tri-chair! Remember, you can escape to Chateau Ouilmette when you need to.

Pax Orientatum!

Susie said...

Go Beth Go!!!

But, um, huh? Breakfast and a shower before morning prayer? Even as a newbie... no.

Mark J. said...

What's wrong with that? I often had a shower and breakfast before morning prayer!

ppolarbear said...

What's a tri-chair?

Beth said...

It's basically a co-chair. Only, someone here got it into their silly heads that if there are three co-chairs, that makes them tri-chairs. So I am a Tri-Chair of Orientation, because we are three.

Paul C said... simply the best