Monday, December 05, 2005

Public Service Announcement

In case any of you have the memory problems of, well, a Campus Cook, may I remind you all:


Also, chicken is not vegetarian. Neither is fish. And instant mashed potatoes plus mixed sauteed (boiled?) squash with a little tomato does not equal a balanced, satisfying, tasty, or otherwise positive dining experience. Nor does putting black beans in the salad bar to go with my macaroni and cheese at lunch count as feeding me for the day. Be less creative with the veggie alternatives at lunch (I don't really need macaroni and cheese with navy beans and asparagus in it as a lunch alternative to macaroni and cheese and salad bar) and feed me balanced dinners instead. It would be great if dinner didn't leave me hungry again three hours later, for instance. I can eat rice and beans every other day if I need to. Pasta dishes every Thursday will do. Rotate through your other ten real vegetarian meals on Tuesday nights and we've got a menu. But stop feeding me vegetable of the day with starch and calling it a meal.

Brought to you by the letter D and the number 5.


Teri said...

AMEN!!!! I don't have the horrors of institutional cafeterias anymore, but oh man, the day I got off the seminary meal plan was the best day of my life. It was better for me to use my microwave than to prepare every meal than to go to the cafeteria. I will pray for your cooks. :-)

G. Brooke said...

Now, make those real mashed potatoes, steamed squash, and... well, no, still not balanced or positive.

Maybe you could do some "blegging" for a gift certificate to the vegetarian restaurant a few blocks south of campus. They do that thing with seitan, egg, mushrooms and other veggies, yum.