Saturday, December 10, 2005

A solution!

Brooke, in his comment on my last library post, has kindly demonstrated for us all why I refuse to use the Library of Congress system. I hope never to use a library system for my own books - Nielsen Library ruined me on that forever.

Susie, however, reminded me that my other thought had been to have ethics near cultural studies. So my new system will run:

~OT, Bible, NT, Biblical Theology
~Cultural Studies
~Pastoral Care
~Spiritual Biography
~Funky interfaith/generally spiritual stuff
~Books of prayers and liturgies that aren't officially licensed by ECUSA
~Liturgy/liturgical theology
~Various and sundry other, beginning with ancient languages of the sort used by the early Christian liturgists.

Methinks this will also make it easier to work in preaching - I imagine it will eventually go somewhere between ethics and spiritual biography.


Dawgdays said...

I think we're organizing them so they fit on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

What about music? Yes, it is part and parcel with liturgy but how does that flow? You will be using more music textbooks in Lit Music II.

Guess who

Beth said...

Al: Right now music is up with reference because all I have is the accompaniment hymnal and the brown Hatchett book. I imagine come summer I'll do some internal reorganizing of liturgy so that music can fit between liturgy and "other."

Susie said...

Yay! Except i put preaching near biblical studies and interpretation. But I thnk they just fit better there.