Saturday, April 29, 2006


Don't scare me like that! MS Word (:insert Rocky-Horror-style response:) just decided to taunt me for a while. I write in Word because I have to email in my paper in Word, and so I might as well compose there in the first place. But I despise it, and this sort of thing is part of why I do: I just told it to save after I created a new footnote, and it blew raspberries at me and said "Won't! I'm full!" It did this several times, and then finally when I tried to figure out why, it shut down altogether.

Now, it has agreed to reopen and allow me to cite the article I was trying to cite without further tussles, and the only thing I lost was the footnote itself, but I remain mistrustful (if relieved). I do not like software that taunts me (or that's made by MS, but I do what I have to do), especially when it taunts me in the middle of major papers that are due soon. How does it know that I am in the middle of such a paper and do not currently have my external hard drive available to back things up? How does it know just when to hit the panic button?

Well, back to writing - I assume. But I have the paper backed up in my email, just in case.

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Northland Al said...

Microsoft products are filled with various oddities, quirks and just plain bad programming. There is, however, one item of theirs you can expect to work every time. It is truly the crowning glory of the Microsoft empire.


Dependable, stable, reliable.

Which reminds me, today shall be an adventure. I have a deadline tomorrow.