Monday, April 17, 2006


Cockroach. In. My. Teakettle.

I just looked at a tape measure to check, and the thing had to be at least two inches long. I am not given to exaggerating or freaking out about bugs, but neither am I accustomed to finding two-inch cockroaches In My Teakettle (which we used last night).

Cockroach, you have your home and I have mine. They are not the same place. Please advise.

(Of course, Cockroach has just taken a three-story dive out the window and may not be paying much attention right now....)



Court said...

All God's creatures, Beth, all God's creatures.

Beth said...

Which is why I didn't kill it, I just returned it to its proper place in God's creation. Which is not, in fact, my kitchen.

Rory said...

I am paralyzed with fear. I might have just gotten a new tea kettle. No, I would have left it and made Ryan get rid of it later. Then soak the kettle in bleach for a day. Then scrub.

On second thought, I would have just gotten a new tea kettle.

You're a braver woman than I.

Beth said...

Yeah, leaving the cockroach where it was didn't seem like the best option, really.