Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strange day

~At lunch, a friend told me that if I didn't make sure I heard the helpful noise when I closed my ziploc bag, my piranha would get out and eat my flesh. He later offered to piranha-sit for me if I agreed to play softball again this year.

~Also at lunch, the apple I was halfway through eating magically leaped right out of my hand and across the table to hit another classmate in the face. Very out of the ordinary in my world.

~There was a new episode of Gilmore Girls tonight. (Hey, there hasn't been one in weeks. It's become a strange thing.)

~I spent the morning successfully making conversation with various people I don't really know.

Ok, the two top ones are the weirdest part. Now I'm trying to write a sermon about pride and humility, coming out of the propers for Palm Sunday, which is itself a strange thing to me. If anyone has helpful input, particularly about the notion that pride is men's sin and unworthiness is women's, I'm open.


Ryan said...

Getting hit in the side of the head with a half-eaten apple does wonders for one's humility.


Emily said...

I have used that argument in preaching before, but now I try to broaden who it applies to, because I think there are men, especially of lower socioeconomic status, to whom it applies.

I also think that false humility is really a sort of pride. There are always "martyrs" in the church who take pride in how put-upon they are.

Just some thoughts. Peace and good luck!

Tripp said...

Pride and low self-worth are sinful. Don't get too gender happy with it.

Think in terms of low and high power differences ala CPE and ministry to those of differing cultures.

Just my humble 2 cents.

Raisin said...

Beth, Kathleen Fischer's book Women at the Well deals with the subject of women's unworthiness. If you don't have the book, you may borrow mine.