Wednesday, July 20, 2005

10 down, 10 to go

I have worked 10 straight days. The first two of those were actually sort of the same day since I worked 4 straight shifts those two days. I get to work 10 more days before I get a day off. That includes working 16 hours Friday, getting a few hours of sleep at the hospital, and working another 8 Saturday day, before coming home to begin the regular day in, day out schedule.

After my day off a week from Saturday, I get to switch to six-day weeks for the next three weeks. Which will be a nice change, especially since the first of those weeks is the week I'm supposed to move.

I have 1.5 personal days left. I would like to save 1 for an emergency.
Yet, somehow, I'm tempted to take tomorrow off.

August 20 cannot come fast enough.


Jeff said...

I for one am glad you decided to work today.

Raisin said...

Sounds like you went today and made a difference. Yay, Yodabeth!