Friday, July 29, 2005

On Big Sisters

(Note: This has nothing to do with the reader's own state of big sisterhood, nor with the fact that her little brother's birthday card was late this week. Nothing whatsoever.)

I have decided that big sisters are a very good thing. I haven't really ever had a big sister before; at least, any sisters I've had have been within a year or two of my age at a time when a year or two didn't mean the difference between talking or not, going to school or not, driving or not, etc. In the last year, I've actually acquired a big sister, and lo and behold, I like having one. It is quite nice to be able to ask silly questions of someone and get real answers, without added commentary on my brightness.

Today's happy thought is brought to you by the letters J and H, and the number 3.


Lorna said...

This year I found a brother. A younger brother. I thank God for him (most of the time) but being an older sister has been a shock.

When you've been an only child for 45 it comes as a bit of a shock.

Thank God for that he puts the lonely in families. (Psalms)

Jeff said...

What about big brothers? As one, I think they are pretty swell. For the most part better than little brothers, as a rule.

Raisin said...

I sure could use a little sister. But then you'd have to be....a currant??

Beth said...

Well, I've been a potato... always good to try new things.

But I think a young raisin is usually a grape, or?

Jane Ellen+ said...

We can't have too many sisters, big or little. Brothers either, for that matter.

As to the fruit family, a grape might work... or how about a craisin? Kind of like being related by process, rather than substance-- by adoption, rather than birth.

Beth said...

ooh - I like me some craisins. :)