Tuesday, July 05, 2005

reuben, reuben...*

For those following the Saga of the Boys in the Bathroom, I've just received a most congenial recognition that yes, that was a problem, and no, it won't happen again when the Doctor of Ministry students arrive. In fact, there will be no DMin (yes, that's pronounced "demon") students housed in my suite at all. I am pleased.

(I am less pleased at the reason: because only two of the incoming DMins are women, and they're sharing an apartment. It would make me happier if there were more of a gender balance among our budding congregational development experts. But you can't have everything.)

*from another camp song, one where the girls sing:

Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking
what a grand world this would be
if the boys were all transported
far beyond the northern sea.

and yes, there's another verse where the boys sing "Rachel, Rachel" instead of "Reuben, Reuben."


Emily said...

I was sacristan for the D. Min. program one summer and I remember being struck by the maleness of it all when I heard them singing in chapel and how it was so different from the sounds of regular Seabury chapel, many, many more men.

Are women less interested in congregational development? Already juggling family and career so they don't have time to take on an extra program? Fewer women at that stage of career development? I personally suspect #2, but I have no empirical proof.

Beth said...

I suspect it's partly a corollary to #3 - women have a harder time getting second and third career placements that would lead them to think in terms of getting a DMin. Women are less likely to get the second placements that lead to being rector of a flagship parish or dean of a cathedral or whatever - so women are less likely to feel the need for an advanced degree in congregational development. That's my guess, anyway.