Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fall Meme

We've already established that I can't resist these, plus I'm dead tired from a very good but very long and full day, so I'll pop this in here and head off to bed, to wake up refreshed for a lovely, exciting day of "retreat" (read: work) with this year's worship committee.

Favorite fall dessert: Ted Drewes' Great Pumpkin (pumpkin pie topped with frozen custard and whipped cream).
Favorite fall holiday: Thanksgiving. There aren't a terrible lot of big fall holidays, and I love the time to spend with family or friends just eating delicious food and talking together.
Best fall memory: Best? Probably the feeling of waking up on my 22nd birthday next to a brand-new girlfriend and going to chapel with her for Sunday services, having just set up the Shower of Stoles exhibit together in the chapel the night before. Most unadulteratedly positive, though, was my 19th birthday. I was the first first-year in my college house to have a birthday, so my friends went all out with a pink things scavenger hunt, door decor, etc - plus it was Mountain Day, so we had the day off! (Why doesn't Seabury have Mountain Day?)
Worst fall memory: Five weeks of missing Emily.
Most puzzling fall memory: Maples and oaks that didn't turn colors (Hamburg)
Best thing about fall walks: Crisp air and colorful leaves (doesn't count if it's only one - the best thing is both)
Favorite fall chore: Buying school supplies
Least favorite fall chore: Dealing with Rockwell House leaves
Best change in the home: Sweaters!
Favorite flower: I'm supposed to like fall flowers? Are there other fall flowers besides mums (which I don't like)? My favorite fall flowers are leaves.
Best tree in the fall: Maple
Fall ritual: Starting school
Most frustrating thing about fall: November
Favorite childhood game: specifically for fall? I guess jumping in the leaves... I don't think we had games specifically for fall.
Favorite childhood memory: Dressing up as a red crayon
Favorite decorations: Fall leaves outside the window
Favorite clothing: Sweaters and jeans
Best scenery: Pioneer Valley. Specifically, any area of Smith campus where you can see both pond and mountains.
Best fall travel tip: um? I don't think I have any unique tips
Favorite drink: Hot apple cider. Red wine, too, but that's most of the year.
Best method of transportation: Where are you going? It does seem sad to take public transport in the fall, though, when scenic drives and walks are so nice.
Traditional fall candy: Well, candy corn is traditional, but I don't much like it. I don't eat much candy, really, any time of year. I do like caramel apples though.
Favorite Sound: Football cheering
Best for fall sex: I suppose having a spouse/partner would be a good start.
Fall song: Hmm. The one that comes to mind is "Elizabeth" (Catie Curtis), but I'm not sure what makes that a fall song.
Reliable prediction: School will start? (What kind of question is that?)
Best fall television show: "Shibboleth" (West Wing)


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