Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Then again, maybe I'll post a lot

Two fun facts:


You are Athanasius! You are willing to fight a
losing battle, just to make sure that the truth
is told. But don't get discouraged; sometimes
it takes more than one lifetime for truth to

Which Saint Are You?
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Second, I FOUND MY ROSARY!!! Now, I actually have a few rosaries. I have a Tibetan rosary with smooth wooden beads that's lovely but works better as prayer beads than for praying the Catholic rosary, since it's, you know, Tibetan. I have a gorgeous clay rosary that I coveted in the gallery case all through college, and told my parents I'd love it for my ordination present, and which they decided to buy me at the start of seminary instead. I have a sweet little wooden one from Notre Dame that I keep at my parents'. And I made myself one from hemp and pony beads in May, so that I'd have a sturdy praying Catholic rosary while I tried to decide what to do about losing my favorite rosary, the sturdy jade rosary a friend gave me as my very first rosary - the rosary I took with me to the hospital over spring break, which got me through several uncomfortable hospital nights over the last year. I hadn't seen it since March, and I was convinced I'd left it caught in the bedclothes at Rush, which meant it was lost forever by the time I gave up looking in my room. It's both a perfect fit for my hands, comfortable to pray with, and irreplaceable as a gift and reminder of learning to pray it in the first place.

Anyway - today as I prepared to move, I picked up the Vogue I'd bought over spring break as a distraction, which I'd never finished reading. As I paged through looking for good pictures to keep, I came to where I'd stopped reading - and THERE IT WAS!!!

I'm the most excited ever.


Cathy said...

Will you come to my house and find my rosary now?

Sister Mary Magnifique said...

I had to steal your Saint Quiz. Julian of Norwich here.