Tuesday, September 13, 2005

things you can't mapquest...

If anyone has decent driving directions from Skokie to the parking lots near Lake Shore Drive and Navy Pier, please let me know asap. I can get people there from Evanston, but from Skokie I'd have to take them out Dempster to Chicago and then up and over to Sheridan. Anyone have a better way?

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Dawgdays said...

Depending on where they are in Skokie, you could have them go Edens to Kennedy to the Ohio St. offramp. Head east on Ohio. Two blocks past Michigan Ave, turn right, go two blocks, then turn left onto Illinois. Heading east on Illinois will take you to Navy Pier.

You can also have them head east to McCormick, south to Devon, then east to Sheridan. This comes out right at Loyola.


You can Mapquest to Navy Pier.

On the opening Mapquest page, click on the "Search for Locations" button.

In the next page, enter "Navy Pier" into the "What" field, Chicago, IL, in the appropriate fields, then click on "Search for Locations".

Navy Pier is the first in the list. Click on the "Directions to" link, and enter the Skokie address.

Note that the very end of the directions are wrong. If you're going down Lake Shore, you take the Grand exit, go one block further and turn left onto Illinois. If the directions take you down I-94/I-90/Ohio, you keep going east on Illinois instead of turning back onto Grand.