Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beth, Beth, and Derrick Go To Town

Well, I had thought that today and yesterday were to be very busy days. I was wrong about that - but pleasantly so.

Yesterday, we finished off the ministry developers' meeting, and then firmly resisted doing any more sightseeing that day. Instead, we took naps and then walked into town all by ourselves like big girls and boys. We poked into some shops - I bought a new hat at the outdoor shop - and found a pizza place for dinner, with delicious sundried tomato and artichoke pesto pizza. When we came home, we finally met the man in whose house we're staying, and he is wonderful.

Today we had a couple of meetings and a tour of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Temptation, temptation. This afternoon we were free again and headed back into town, finding some jerky for Mitch and a cute eclectic tea-and-Christian-books store for us.

Now, it's soup and bread and off to meet with the Lander worship committee. More as I can.

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