Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The link

Apparently I am not the last person in the world to get around to playing with the Presbyterian Bible exams. Two fellow students asked me today to post the link for their quizzing enjoyment, so here it is:

Bible Content Exams



AKMA said...

Here’s a tip for NT II students: you may want to start working on the Pauline [etc.] questions now, so that they’ll look familiar by the end of next term.

Tripp said...


I am weak in OT. This makes sense. I did not spend much time on it in seminary...only the requisite stuff that was not covered by my previous experience.

I passed. This is a good thing.

I did not score as well as you, however.

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Why can't I figure out how to edit comments? Argh.

The Bible Content... it's amazing, I have friends who almost didn't graduate because of that exam (where I went to seminary you had to pass that exam, even if you weren't a presby, I believe). Me, I passed with flying colors only because my friends and I took the questions on those old exams and turned them into a game of trivial pursuit. We also drank beer as we played... that may have helped too!

Friday Mom said...

This baby helped me get a 97 on the exam last winter!!!!!!! And, it really is kind of fun (okay, now how geeky do I sound? ;-))