Saturday, November 19, 2005

Please punctuate properly:

Only by human efforts (through God’s grace) can racism end; only by dismantling racism can justice come about – and without justice, we cannot live as members of God’s kingdom.

Without the final clause, I'd use the semicolon between the first two. Without the first clause, I'd use a dash between the second two. In conversational writing, I'd use a semicolon and a period, and just start a new sentence with "and," rules be damned. But I can't do that in academic writing, and the combination of semicolon and dash looks awkward to me.

Members of the jury, what is your decision?


Dawgdays said...

Would it make sense to replace the "dash and" with a semicolon?

I'm no style maven. I muddle my way through. But at least I don't write, "eats, shoots, and leaves."

Marisa said...

I would leave it as it is. I don't think it looks clumsy with the ; and - combination, but as we both know, I am no punctuation expert!

Raisin said...

How about making one sentence into two? Replace the semicolon with a period, and start sentence two with "Only." Then replace the dash with a semicolon.

And what am I doing messing with your ethics papers when I haven't finished my own?!