Monday, November 07, 2005

Beth, Beth, and Derrick Go To Yellowstone Drug

Yes, gentle readers, it's true. We made it to Yellowstone Drug while they were open, and I do believe theirs likely are the best milkshakes in Wyoming. We've also got pictures and such to document the event.

Today we had a lazy morning, sleeping in, hanging out, and getting ready for the "ecumenical" preachers' group to come over for text study. The text study was moderately interesting, and afterward we listened to Luke Timothy Johnson talk about the gnostic infancy gospels, which was also moderately interesting. He didn't actually so much talk about them as describe their contents, actually.

In the afternoon, we took a lovely hike up Sinks Canyon to the falls. (Ryan, I think I saw where you stayed on our drive up there.) It would really have been a lovelier hike if the moleskin on my heels weren't totally ineffective, but it was still pretty. I think I may have to give in and buy new hiking boots. It's a shame, because I love these and the shoe itself is still in good shape, but I've tried various combinations of moleskin and insoles and nothing is helping. Anyway, Beth took lots of pictures, and the way back down was less painful. We came back and Tommy showed us a decent little Chinese restaurant in town, which was moderately impressive. (Yes, it's been a moderate sort of day.)

Tomorrow is our last real day here. We're planning to take lunches out to the nearby ghost town in the morning and then head to a hidden site of petroglyphs. We'll have dinner with Bob and Pat and then head back to pack - because Wednesday, it's back to Evanston!

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G. Brooke said...

You may already know this, but: if you can describe the discomfort(s) to an professional cobbler, they may be able to stretch the offending parts of the boot.

(I know what it's like to have an attachment to a boot!)