Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And we're off!

Winter quarter is officially underway. I've been to each of my classes once and they all seem lovely, challenging, and interesting in the appropriate ways. Well, I haven't been to Gospel Mission yet, but being as it's part two of the course, I suspect I have a fair idea of what the course will be like. My coursework is well in hand (it darn well better be at this point in the quarter) and I'm hoping to start settling into an actual schedule soon... once my non-class classes finish arranging themselves. I also got a call from one of my potential CPE (summer chaplaincy) sites and I will be scheduling an interview with them soon... again, once I know how my non-class classes have arranged themselves. It's rather a lengthy interview, as interviews go (2-2.5 hours), so I'd rather not try to guess at available blocks.

And for those who were concerned, my GOE charges are both alive and well. They have survived their first two days of exams, including a doozie (sp?) this afternoon, and they have slept, drunk (water, soda, tea, etc) and eaten (including copious amounts of chocolate) at regular intervals. I assume my long-distance GOE-taker is also alive and well and full of chocolate, but I haven't talked to her since yesterday. Tomorrow they have a day off to recoup before plunging back in for another two days.

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