Thursday, January 06, 2005

Extremely unmotivated

I have no desire to do classwork tonight. None. There's just no need. Don't get me wrong; my classes are great, and I love my academic work - it's just that I also love things like sitting around drinking beer with friends. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have either ordination exams (requiring good rest) or Gospel Mission (requiring reading) tomorrow morning, or else they're at an ordination. No one seems to have had the foresight to know that I would be in a playing mood tonight and that they should have done tomorrow's reading already. Sheesh.

I tried to poke around Emily's new webring for blogging Episcopalians tonight, but I couldn't open the link. Oh well.

I do have things I could be reading for next week or research I could get a jump on for my paper due at the end of the month, and that's probably what I'll end up doing tonight... but it doesn't seem terribly important when today is Thursday and nothing, nothing at all, is due until Monday afternoon. On the other hand, I suppose one of the lessons I ought to have learned from last quarter is to get my work done when I have the chance, since apparently I can't ever count on having the time when I ought to be doing it.

Hmm. I've just realized that the lyrics to "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream" are neither "prayed for prayers were prayed" as I thought for many years, nor "prayerful prayers were prayed," as I more recently thought (but still found rather repetitive), but "grateful prayers were prayed" - a significant improvement.

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