Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Brr! tells me that it's 26 F outside, with a wind chill of 14 F. That's not unreasonably cold for January, but when I feel it coming inside while I sit on my couch by the space heater, I'd just as soon it warm up. Well, actually, my first choice would be for someone to wave a magic wand and make radiator heat reliably comfortable. Luckily, also tells me that it's supposed to get progressively warmer over the next 10 days. I like snow; but I like to be toasty inside when it's snowing out, not thawing my toes on the space heater.

I did not, however, have to walk downtown tonight, for which I am grateful. Jane was headed in for incidentals anyway and gave me a ride. So now I have more verticality pills, and should therefore be remaining vertical for at least another month, and I didn't even have to walk into town in the cold and dark to get them.

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