Sunday, January 09, 2005

still tomorrow's going to be another working day...

I am deeply, inexplicably, exhausted. It's very strange. After my last post, at the end of an invigorating week, I went down to the chapel to work on my project for Spirituality for Ministry class. I've chosen to take some time roughly twice a week to go into the chapel after it's abandoned and do some barre work (maybe some floor work, we'll see) and see what comes of doing some ballet work in a space that's an established worship space and in which I'm used to praying. Anyway, I went in last Thursday evening, a bit restless but with plenty of energy, and half an hour later was completely wiped out. This is extremely strange to me, both because half an hour, even when I'm out of shape, really shouldn't make me that tired, and because I have yet to recover that energy. At certain points this weekend I've had more energy than others, but overall it's been very slow, and the last two days have felt like swimming through time. I'm taking today to hole up by myself and do my work quietly in hopes that tomorrow I'll have more energy again.

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