Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I like spirituality for ministry class. It's a lovely class. But today I feel the need to be more actively turned on than this session is oriented to. I suspect that if I were really to engage in centering prayer right now, I would fall asleep, and spend the rest of the day foggy. This would not be useful in finishing my Jeremiah paper tonight, for which I need all the mental clarity I can possibly summon. So I'm blogging in order to keep my body alert and poised for action rather than relaxing. Eventually we'll move on to small groups, which should make for some excellent conversation today, since only one person in the group has done the reading as assigned. The rest of us either have read this stuff before but not recently, or have skimmed it briefly, or have simply ignored today's reading. Just one of those weeks... Jeremiah trumps rereading basic course assignments, even if I last read them three years ago in a different language.

I will be happy to have this Jeremiah paper written. It's good thinking, good theology, good conversation... but it's kicking my butt to write. Wrestling does that, I guess. I'm hoping I don't have to stay up all night finishing it. Really, I'd like to be able to do my Gospel Mission reading for tomorrow... but even reading I've never read before gets trumped by the paper due tomorrow.

Ok, we're actually going to do centering prayer now... I should stop typing.

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