Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ain't got nothin on Smith

NU is far larger than Smith College. I'm quite sure that even if you only count the students who are likely to be on campus at 9 pm on a Sunday night before finals, it's more than Smith has altogether. Considering that, the strength of NU's primal scream is pathetic. I was walking through campus tonight and heard a few guys screaming. I smiled to myself. A few more people screamed. Eventually I realized that it's the night before finals and this is probably the beginning of their version of the primal scream... only it never got to be more than a few people at any given moment. Now, at Smith, when it comes time for the primal scream, you know it. It usually starts at one end of campus or the other and spreads, but for a good sixty seconds at least, the whole campus is screaming at once. I remember being in the basement of the chapel playing the Cube with a friend one semester the night before finals at 10pm (which is the proper hour for a primal scream, but 9pm here is 10pm on the east coast, so I'll let it slide) and hearing a bloodcurdling scream from all over campus, even down there. A Smith primal scream makes itself heard. I'd be willing to bet that hardly anyone north of Emerson or south of Clark heard tonight's scream.

I have to say, however, it was pleasant to be walking through listening to their screaming, mild as it was, knowing that I'm on spring break, even if my spring break isn't the most exciting thing ever.

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